reasons to work at SayGames


Having been established for over five years, we've published more than 100 games that have been installed over 4 billion times. It's incredibly gratifying to know that our games are not only appealing to us but also to a massive global audience. However, this also encourages us to strive further, exploring new genres, inventing unique game mechanics, developing original stories, and designing mind‑blowing levels. Our aim is to ensure that each subsequent game is more exciting, engaging, and acclaimed than the last.


We've quickly achieved outstanding results and have no plans of stopping or slowing down. Our goal is to define the future of mobile publishing, where product decisions are made based on data‑driven analytics rather than intuition. We dive deep into every game we release, build long‑lasting relationships with developers, and aim for phenomenal results. We are consistently undertaking challenging and innovative work that has never been done before.

Our developers have created, and continue to develop “SayLauncher” analytics system. This tool enables us to track player retention rates, the cost of player acquisition, monetization effectiveness, daily and monthly activity, and various other metrics. Moreover, it allows us to conduct A/B tests. Not only do we use this system, but our partner game creators do as well. Therefore, it's vital that the system is not only bug‑free, but also user‑friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

“SayLauncher” is our secret to success and a point of pride. It's something unique that no one else possesses.

Our producers, artists, and designers, in collaboration with game studios, release blockbuster games. They mentor, share expertise, plan marketing strategies, assist in developing and implementing new game mechanics and features, and design characters and levels. We always aim to build long‑lasting relationships, rather than exploiting our partners for short‑term gains.


We believe that a dream job isn't defined by an office with a gym, a neon sign, or weekly parties. A dream job is being part of a passionate, skilled team that's working towards a shared ambitious goal. In such a team, you learn faster, work more efficiently, and — most importantly — derive great satisfaction from both the process and the outcome.

Each of us, whether a leader, developer, designer, or artist, strives for excellence in our respective fields. Although we already work harmoniously together, we recognize that there's always room for growth. We don't suffer from impostor syndrome; instead, we're always seeking to improve.

And yes, by the way, we do have a neon sign, and occasionally, we throw parties! :‑)

Your growth
and development

We actively support employee development, sponsoring participation in courses and conferences. There are no restrictions on growth or career changes within our organization. We believe in everyone's potential and encourage employees to pursue their interests. An intern can become a manager, an artist can transition into a developer. Moreover, we're not an overwhelming corporation where key positions are permanently filled, giving you the opportunity to play a significant role in a company on the brink of global dominance.

Global work

We operate from various countries and cities, whether it's from home, co‑working spaces, or one of our modern offices in Limassol, Paphos or Warsaw. If needed, we can assist you with relocation.