Publisher SayGames hits 4 billion downloads, successfully transitions to hybrid monetization model

SayGames portfolio reached 4 billion game downloads, adding 1 billion downloads in 2022 alone. SayGames shift towards a hybrid monetization strategy resulted in a YoY increase of 350% for in‑app purchases revenue, totaling $37.5 million.

Limassol, Cyprus — February 8, 2023 — Publisher SayGames announced that its portfolio of over 100 mobile games had reached 4 billion downloads, with 1 billion downloads added in 2022.

The company released 25 new titles in 2022, including global hits ‘Color Page ASMR’ by Playstrom and ‘My Perfect Hotel’ by Redux Games.

In 2022, SayGames shifted to a hybrid monetization model by launching games that combined ad‑based monetization and in‑app purchases, such as ‘Dreamdale’ by Hypernova Games. 2021 releases 'Squad Alpha' and 'My Little Universe' by Estoty also played a crucial role in driving in‑app purchases revenue growth, thanks to the joint shift to live‑ops by the studio and publisher.

Previously known as a hypercasual (ad‑based monetization) publisher, SayGames achieved a significant increase of 350% in its in‑app purchases revenue from $11 million in 2021 to $37.5 million in 2022.

To guarantee success with their hybrid model, SayGames is utilizing SayGames Services. This in‑house software suite includes internal marketing analytics, A/B testing, creative testing, playable performance testing, competitor analysis, game analytics and more. The company leverages SayGames Services in conjunction with its performance marketing and free‑to‑play game production expertise, which enables it to significantly accelerate the go‑to‑market process for its hybrid games.

Anton Volnykh, Chief Publishing Officer, stated that the publisher is actively seeking new studio partnerships to expand their portfolio of titles operating the hybrid monetization approach. This approach includes not only the launch of new titles but also the growth and development of existing games by using SayGames' software suite, and its product and marketing teams.

Yegor Vaikhanski, CEO of SayGames, announced that the company will continue to focus on building long‑term relationships with its developer partners in 2023. “Our primary goal is to succeed together with the developers who choose to work with us," he said. "This approach has helped us become leaders in the mobile gaming industry and we aim to bring even more exceptional games to market together.”

About SayGames

SayGames, a leading hybrid games publisher, is headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus, with additional offices in Paphos and Warsaw. The company has launched over 100 games and generated over 4 billion downloads worldwide. Through its advanced user acquisition and product analytics technologies, SayGames is known for its exceptional marketing performance.

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